Trialist Fails: The good, the bad and Thomas Dossevi

The Washbag

With trialist Anton Rogers already signed and Jonathan Vandesompele set to learn his fate soon, Alex Cooke looks at the short list of trialists who have made it at Town – and the much longer list of those who haven’t.

Thomas Dossevi: living, breathing, continually-caught-offside proof that the wisdom of crowds is utter arseflap. Oh it is easy to criticise Andy King for taking a chance on Darren Dykes or Paolo Di Canio for giving Etienne Esajas a go, but the signing of Dossevi proves how hard it can be. When the Togolese trier flicked in those two goals against Nottingham Forest, Danny Wilson and every forum dweller made a huge mistake.

Obviously, Dossevi proved to be utter tossevi, just like so many others did. However, Swindon have had a few belters on trial – such as Stefan Migloranzi, and some, such as Warren Howes who are so obscure that…

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